This is a small tool for windows computer. it is allowes users to bypass or unlock mi account from all xiaomi device. you can unlock or flash all device which come with MediaTek and Qualcomm base cpu. for more informmation about tool please click here



Xiaomi Fire Tool Easy To Use One Click Flash Firmware And Unlock Mi Account And Frp

  • Safe Flashing

- It is allowes users to wihout any dead risk or bricked device you can easily flash the all qualcomm or mediatek phones.

  • Frp Unlock

- It is allowed you to unlock frp lock from all xiaomi device with a single click only. also you can perform this action from fastboot mode.

  • Mi Account Unlock

- It is allowed you to Unlock mi account from all Xiaomi smartphones. witj a single click only.

  • Fastboot To Edl

- It is allowed you to boot your qualcomm device fastboot to EDL mode without open the back cover or diambly phones. this opearation help you to save warranty of your xiaomi phones.


  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive it's very important
  3. Next, open the folder which you have to extract all files
  4. Run the "XiaomiFireTool.com.exe"
  5. Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
  6. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  7. Enjoy !!!



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