Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 SP2/SPD-UniSoc v2.11

Changed: FlashCore protocol updated
NewSOC: UMS9117 support ( service mode )

Changed: Protocol updated
Changed: NVM manager updated

Firmware reader
Changed: Android 10 specific changes
Changed: UltraRead protocol updated
Changed: New types supported

Changed: Repair : Security Repair allow now repair signed devices
- Permanent lock and other issues can be also fixed with that feature
- Repair can be done in Flash and Diag mode
- Repair support new security devices as well ( Android 10 + )
Changed: Repair : UMS9117 repair security support activated ( Nokia line supported included )
Changed: Identify : Enabled Read All Info by default under FlashMode
Changed: FormatFS : UMS9117 Reset/Format FS support activated

Changed: UMS9117 support activated ( Nokia line supported included )
Changed: SC9863, SC9832 support improved

Changed: Many internal changes and fixes
Drivers: UMS9117 drivers are at support area

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