Z3X Pandora Tool is a powerful instrument for working with many phones and tablets based on Mediatek chipsets. It is developed according to the latest needs and trends. This product has powerful hardware part that is built into a sturdy aluminum box. Cables and power adapter of top-notch quality are included. Software part is optimized to use with high definition monitors. User interface is simple and intuitive, it's easy to work with.

This equipment allows you to configure the connection to the devices at the maximum possible port speeds.

Software has auto update algorithms and gives permission to support area with a lot of flash files for many vendors.

What's new

Pandora’s BOX Update v. 2.3

New Infinix devices added to supported:

X521 Infinix Hot S
X521-LTE Infinix Hot S
X521S Infinix Hot S
X522 Infinix S2
X537 Infinix Note 3 Pro
X551 Infinix Hot Note
X552 Infinix Zero 3
X555 Infinix Zero 4
X556 Infinix Hot 4 Pro
X557 Infinix Hot 4
X557-Lite Infinix Hot 4 Lite
X559 Infinix Hot 5 Lite
X559C Infinix Hot 5
X559F Infinix Hot 5
X570 Infinix Alpha
X571 Infinix Note 4 Pro
X571-LTE Infinix Note 4 Pro
X572 Infinix Note 4
X572-LTE Infinix Note 4
X600 Infinix Note 2
X600-LTE Infinix Note 2
X601 Infinix Note 3
X601-3G Infinix Note 3 Pro
X601-LTE Infinix Note 3 Pro
X602 Infinix Zero 4 Plus
X603 Infinix Zero 5
X603-LTE Infinix Zero 5
X603B Infinix Zero 5 Pro
X604 Infinix Note 5
X604B Infinix Note 5
X605 Infinix Note 5 Stylus
X606 Infinix Hot 6
X606B Infinix Hot 6
X606C Infinix Hot 6
X606D Infinix Hot 6
X682B Infinix Hot 10
X682C Infinix Hot 10
X683 Infinix Note 8i
X683B Infinix Note 8i
X687 Infinix Zero 8
X687B Infinix Zero 8i
X688B Infinix Hot 10 Play
X688C Infinix Hot 10 Play
X689 Infinix Hot 10S
X689B Infinix Hot 10S
X689C Infinix Hot 10T
X689D Infinix Hot 10S
X690 Infinix Note 7
X690B Infinix Note 7
X690C Infinix Note 7
X692 Infinix Note 8
X693 Infinix Note 10
X695 Infinix Note 10 Pro
X695C Infinix Note 10 Pro
X800 Infinix Joypad 8
X801 Infinix Joypad 8S
X1000 Infinix Joypad 10
X5010 Infinix Smart
X5511 Infinix Hot 4 Pro
X5511B Infinix Hot 4 Pro
X5514 Infinix Smart 2 Pro
X5514D Infinix Smart 2 Pro
X5515 Infinix Smart 2
X5515F Infinix Smart 2
X5515I Infinix Smart 2
X5516 Infinix Smart 3
X5516B Infinix Smart 3
X5516C Infinix Smart 3

List of supported function for devices: (Read Flash Info, Read Partitions (Make flashable firmware), Dump Flash by region, Dump Flash by address, Read OTP, Format Selected Area, Erase FRP, Wipe Data, Wipe Partitions, Unlock Network, Repair, Unlock And Relock Bootloader, Read , Write, Format RPMB)

- TCL A1 and A2 unlock error in 2.1 ver.
- "Exception: Unable to create directory"

Most of MCU type already supported by Pandora’s Box.

Easy for adding something new: phone or function.

Just create exactly request with maximum details such as:
mcu, phone/tablet model, firmware version etc.

Function added to current models (Read Flash Info, Read Partitions , Read OTP, IMEI, CODES, Dump Flash by region, Dump Flash by adress, Read OTP, Format Selected Area, Erase FRP, Unlock network, Read Codes, Repair, Restore From Backup, Backup RPMB, Read Codes, Unlock And Relock Bootloader (without wipe data)),


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