Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.2.90

[Added] - Loader Scanning by File Filter and Deep Scanning from HFirehose folder
*This is useful for autoboot for the new and unknown phone.
*Hydra engine will determine match loaders and will list in combo and boot automatically.

[Added] - Samsung Tab in service
*Factory reset, FRP, MDM Lock removal

[Added] - Oneplus Token generator - To allow flashing, read, erase e.t.c
[Added] - Firehose compression - reduces the size of firehose loaders, to save size
*We also renamed all loaders into HW_ID and pk_hash to search fast to match phone hwid and pk_hash

[Added] - Vivo Forced Erase for the specified partition
*You just need to load XML file and select partition to erase

[Added] - Firehose Information details when you select loader,
*This will help users/advanced users to identify firehose if its compatible with your phone or not

[Added] - Peek Function in Advanced TAB
[Added] - Added back ESN/MEID Function in Repair/Calibration TAB
[Improved] - Software performance
[Fixed] - Some bugs reported by users
[Fixed] - Memory Leaked issues

Added Following Xiaomi Models by Tstpoint Without Auth for
Mi Account Remove, FRP Remove, Format, Read/Write Firmware, Partitions Manager.

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (sunny)

Added Following OnePlus Models Without Auth Read, Write, Erase

  • OnePlus 9 Pro (LE2120, LE2123, LE2121)
  • OnePlus 9 (LE2110, LE2111, LE2117, LE2115, LE2113)
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 9T
  • OnePlus 8T (KB2000, KB2001, KB2007, KB2005, KB2003)
  • OnePlus 8 Pro (IN2020, IN2021, IN2023, IN2025
  • OnePlus 8 (IN2010, IN2011, IN2019, IN2015, IN2013)
  • OnePlus 7T Pro (HD1913, HD1910)
  • OnePlus 7T (HD1900, HD1903, HD1905, HD1901,)
  • OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1910, GM1913, GM1917, GM1911, GM1920, GM1915)
  • OnePlus 7 (GM1901, GM1903)

Added Following Samsung Models by Tstpoint for
Read/Write Firmware, Reset FRP, Remove MDM, Format, Partitions Manager

  • Samsung Galaxy F02s (SM-E025F)
  • Samsung Galaxy A02s (SM-A025F, SM-A025G, SM-A025M,SM-A025F)
  • Samsung Galaxy M02s (SM-M025F, SM-M025F)
  • Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115F, SM-A115F, SM-A115M, SM-A115M/DS, SM-A115U, SM-A115A, SM-A115AZ, SM-A115U1)
  • Samsung Galaxy M11 (SM-M115F, SM-M115F/DSN)
  • Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018) (SM-A605FN, SM-A605G, SM-A605F, SM-A605GN, SM-A6050, SM-A605K, SM-A605X)
  • Samsung Galaxy J8/ On8 (SM-J810G, SM-J810F, J810Y, SM-J810Y, SM-J810GF, SM-J810M)
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 (SM-A715F,SM-A715W, SM-A715X)
  • Samsung Galaxy A80 (SM-A805F,SM-A8050 (China, Hong Kong),SM-A805F, SM-A8050, SM-A805X)
  • Samsung Galaxy A01 (SM-A015F, SM-A015G, SM-A015M, SM-A015F, SM-A015F, SM-A015G,SM-A015M, SM-A015M,SM-A015T1, SM-S111DL, SM-A015V, SM-A015A )
  • Samsung Galaxy M01 (SM-M015F,SM-M015G,SM-M015G, SM-M015F, SM-M015G/DS, SM-M015F/DS)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J727V, SM-J727P, SM-J727T, SM-J727F, SM-J727U, SM-J727S, SM-J727VPP, SM-J727AZ, SM-S727VL, SM-J727R4, SM-J727A)
  • Samsung Galaxy C7 (SM-C7000, C7000)
  • Samsung Galaxy J4 Core (SM-J410F, SM-J410G)
  • Samsung Galaxy J4+ (SM-J415F; SM-J415FN0; SM-J415G0,SM-J415F, SM-J415FN, SM-J415G, SM-J415GN, SM-J415N)
  • Samsung Galaxy J6+ (SM-J610FN,SM-J610G,SM-J610G, SM-J610G)
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018) (SM-J250F, SM-J250G, SM-J250F, SM-J250M, SM-J250)
  • Samsung Galaxy On5 2016 (SM-G5700, SM-G5510, SM-G5520, SM-G5528)

P.S: If you already have package no need to re-download, Just update from HumTool

Hydra Tool Offical Web Page

You can check from official webpage supported models and functions
Most models Supported Read Firmware, Write Firmware, Reset FRP, Factory Reset e.t.c

HYDRA Tool - Powerful Advanced Complete


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