EasyJTAG EmmcManager-1.19-04-01-2021 Released

 What's New :

  • Added and updated Qualcomm bootloaders (total: 411)
  • Fixed a bug when working with Sla_Challenge.dll
  • Added New Qualcomm CPU Ids
  • Fixed loading of OPPO/UFS firmware
  • Added Output of information about the UFS Socket in the absence of a chip in it
  • Added UFS Version info output
  • Fixed a bug in Hex Viewer when working with UFS
  • Fixed hanging when connecting devices
  • Ispraleno increased the timeout when working with the 9008 port
  • Improved search partition /data for the operation of the unlock
  • Added Output info about Huawei / Honor
  • Added Reset (Wipe) for Samsung (TEST)
  • Added Huawei/Honor Oeminfo Analysis
  • Added new file types to the record selection dialog
  • Added partition formatting (userdata) in F2FS
  • Added dynamic address for GPT Backup when multi-reading
  • Added new fields when reading Android Info
  • Added new Critical Section names (For highlighting in the section tree)
  • Attached the Smart Report for the SanDisk Emmc
  • Added creating a Zero GP partition (this can help fix EMMC)
  • Added new voltages for ISP mode
  • Added a global Stop button
  • The Stop button now stops the Qualcomm 9008 port search
  • Added Disabling markup analysis after scanning (Read Part Table Only)
  • Added Offline authorization for Xiaomi phones (most models are supported)
  • Added output of info about UFS RPMB
Fix many bugs.
Password - 123456789

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