Aqua Dongle v5.0

Aqua Dongle v5.0 Unlimited Offline Vivo Huawei Mtk Xiaomi
[Vivo Qualcomm]

**Added Vivo Custom Erase Tool**
This Tool is designed for Latest Security Vivo Qualcomm Devices

  • Supported 3 Different Erase Methods
  • Models List Based
    [No need Search Firmware, Just Select Model from List]
  • Factory Xml Based
    [Select Firmware Xml]
    [Custom Wipe any Single partition]
  • Custom Address Based
    [Use Custom Address]

[Huawei Hisilicon Module]

  • Added One Click Hisilicon Cert Tool
  • Backup Cert
  • Write Cert
  • Erase Cert

  • Added One Click Huawei OEM Tool
  • Backup Oem
  • Write Oem
  • Erase Oem

  • Added Hisilicon Custom Firmware Read/Partition Tool
  • List All Device Partitions
  • Read Any Single Partition
  • Write Any Single Partition
  • Erase Any Single Partition

[MTK Module]

  • Added Manual Read Preloader File
    With this option you can Read Preloader File
    without need of downloading/searching full firmware
  • *Readed Preloader can be used with Factory/Other Tools*
    Added Repair IMEI1,IMEI2 in flash Mode [Generic Structure]
    This method is only for Repair Devices with Generic NV Structure
  • Added Mtk Imei Repair [Ate Method]
    Method now Compatible with Auth Off Devices
  • Added Auto Detection for New Mtk Socs [Auto Emi/DA/Auth off]
  • Supported
    MT6735 MT6737 MT6739 MT6768 MT6765 MT6771 MT6785 MT6261
    MT6572 MT8127 MT8163 MT8173 MT8695 MT6580 MT6582 MT6763
    MT6799 MT6873 MT6755 MT6757 MT6761 MT6779 MT6797 MT6795
  • Improved Auto Auth-Off
    Sw with automatically Determine if Device need Auth-off

[Qualcomm Module]

Updated Manual Loaders Database

  • Added SDM662 Offline Auth
  • [lime] Redmi Note 9
  • [lime] Redmi 9T
  • [lime] Redmi 9 Power
  • [citrus] Xiaomi Poco M3
  • [Pocophone] Poco M3
  • OnePlus 7T
  • OnePlus 8
  • OnePlus 8T
  • OnePlus 9
  • OnePlus Nord


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