MTK Module v3.0.0.3001 rev1


MTK Module v3.0.0.3001 rev1 released.

  • What’s New:


    LG/ IMEI Authorization...
    • Direct Brom conection or Tp Mode
    • [EMI] Verification - for LG IMEI repair
    • LG preloader Description
      •●Note: Method released for Factory Service - [IMEI loader] for New Devices Supported..

    • Enable RSA/Server Tab - Now is public
      • Note: Select dtproboot or preloader from firmware for IMEI Funtion.....
      • Note: Tick Auto "AUTOLOADER" for auto detection of Chip!..
    • Gui remodeled and improved
    • IMEI|Authorization •●Now Supported
    • Unlock Network supported
    • LG ●Old and New Boot Supported
    • Android 8.x/9.x/10.x - |Security|Frp|Unlock Network| Supported
    • TMobile Unlock Supported for devices with Modem Option enable
    • LG Server Services Work without Credits | Unlock Network | repair EEPROM
      •●Note: Another tools need Credits - with DTpro you no need Credits

    Information|Supported Models: LG Server Service ▪NO Credits Consumption

MOTOROLA Decript released for Helio Soc`s
  • E6plus [pokerp]
  • E6play [Bali]
  • E7 [Malta]
  • G8 power Lite [BlackJack]
    •●Note: Wipe Security - | Frp erase | Flashing Supported.
    •●Note: Engineer firmware for motorola devices Coming soon :ahead:

  • XIAOMI/Update
    • Note: Select Xiaomi Server Boot for New Models as redmi Note8 2021 -Biloba
    • Note: Frp erase|Flashing|Authorization Supported...



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