GSD Dongle Released

What is news

Fixed Bugs and Updated Features:

  • Note : These are problems reported by some users and many may not have these problems.
  • Fixed Many Reported Bug thanks from users!.

Fire Download

Feel The Power
New module for downloading files related to mobile repairs,A complete set to download files needed for repairs of various brands
Some features of this tool

  • display the list of the latest files uploaded to the server
  • Show categories based on file type and brand name.
  • Display categories of each brand based on file number, model number
  • Show models of each category and display the number of files of each model.
  • Display complete information of each file, including model, brand, build number, version, region, size
  • View the full contents of the file before downloading
  • Advanced Search file based on All-categories Or with brand name
  • Ability to pause, resume file download
  • Ability to display download-related events
  • And Many Other features ...

Samsung Features:

Added Remove Please Call Me / FRP=ON / OEM=ON for models:
note : We are updating this models from server , Available immediately.

[*]Galaxy A30            SM-A305F        U3,U1
[*]Galaxy A30            SM-A305FN    U3,U1
[*]Galaxy A50            SM-A505F     U1,U2
[*]Galaxy A6 Plus            SM-A605F     U3
[*]Galaxy A7                SM-A750F     U4
[*]Galaxy S10e             SM-G970FD     U9
[*]Galaxy S10e             SM-G970N     U3
[*]Galaxy S10             SM-G973F     U9,U1
[*]Galaxy S10 Plus            SM-G975F     U9,U1
[*]Galaxy s10 5G            SM-G977N     U2
[*]Galaxy S20 5G            SM-G981N     U1
[*]Galaxy J4 Plus            SM-J415F         U2
[*]Galaxy J6                 SM-J600F         U8,U10-UA
[*]Galaxy A10            SM-A105G     U3
[*]Galaxy A20            SM-A205F     U1,U2
[*]Galaxy A20                SM-A205FN    U1,U2
[*]Galaxy A20            SM-A205G     U1
[*]Galaxy A20            SM-A205GN     U2,U3
[*]Galaxy A6            SM-A600T     U2
[*]Galaxy S7            SM-G930V     U9
[*]Galaxy S8             SM-G950F     U4,U3
[*]Galaxy S8            SM-G950X     U3
[*]Galaxy S8 Plus        SM-G955F     U1
[*]Galaxy S10            SM-G973X     U1
[*]Galaxy S10            SM-G973U     U1
[*]Galaxy S10 US        SM-G973U1     U1
[*]Galaxy S10 Plus        SM-G975X     U1
[*]Galaxy S10 Plus        SM-G975U     U1
[*]Galaxy S10 Plus        SM-G975U1     U1
[*]Galaxy J2 Core        SM-J260M     U3
[*]Galaxy J4            SM-J400F         U1
[*]Galaxy J4            SM-J400FN     U1
[*]Galaxy J4            SM-J400X         U1
[*]Galaxy J7            SM-J730F         U2
[*]Galaxy J7            SM-J730X         U2
[*]Galaxy J8            SM-J810G         U1
[*]Galaxy J8            SM-J810Y         U1
[*]Galaxy Note8         SM-N950F     U1,U3
[*]Galaxy Note8         SM-N950X     U1,U3
[*]Galaxy Note 9        SM-N960F        U2,U1
[*]Galaxy Note 9        SM-N960X     U2,U1
[*]Galaxy Note 10+ 5G    SM-N976N        U1
[*]Galaxy A30            SM-A305X     U1
[*]Galaxy A5 2017        SM-A520K        U2
[*]Galaxy A5 2017        SM-A520L     U2
[*]Galaxy A5 2017        SM-A520S        U2
[*]Galaxy A5 2017        SM-A520X     U4
[*]Galaxy A5 2017        SM-A520F     U4
[*]Galaxy A8             SM-A530F     U2
[*]Galaxy A8             SM-A530X     U2
[*]Galaxy A8             SM-A530N     U1
[*]Galaxy A6            SM-A600F     U3
[*]Galaxy A6            SM-A600FN     U3
[*]Galaxy A6            SM-A600X     U3
[*]Galaxy A6            SM-A600G     U1
[*]Galaxy A6            SM-A600GN     U1
[*]Galaxy A7 2017         SM-A720S     U1
[*]Galaxy A7 2017         SM-A720K     U1
[*]Galaxy A7 2017         SM-A720L     U1
[*]Galaxy A8+            SM-A730F     U1,U2
[*]Galaxy A8+            SM-A730X     U1,U2
[*]Galaxy A7             SM-A750G     U2
[*]Galaxy A7             SM-A750GN     U2
[*]Galaxy A9 Pro        SM-A910F     U1
[*]Galaxy A9 Pro        SM-A910X     U1
[*]Galaxy A9            SM-A920F     U1
[*]Galaxy A9            SM-A920X     U1
[*]Galaxy J7+            SM-C710F     U1
[*]Galaxy J7+            SM-C710X     U1
[*]Galaxy Grand Prime    SM-G530T     U1
[*]Galaxy J7 Prime        SM-G610F     FA60 
[*]Galaxy J7 Prime        SM-G610FDD     U1
[*]Galaxy J7 Prime        SM-G610FXX     U1
[*]Galaxy A8 Star        SM-G885F     U1
[*]Galaxy A8 Star        SM-G885X     U1
[*]Galaxy S7             SM-G930F     U5
[*]Galaxy S7 edge        SM-G935F     U1,U5


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