This wodm tool functions to repair mi account on xiaomi devices in adb mode, the wodm tool can overcome the mi account that reveals after you bypass or delete this account but when connected to a wifi network If using this tool it turns out you can still return to your mi account can format the device or re-flash it with the firmware according to the series type of the device. wodm supports almost all types / series of xiaomi mobile phones...


1. Perform a factory reset on your phone device 
2. After booting (booting will take some time), the phone will start from setup 
3. When you get the option to select "Keyboard", select google keyboard. 
4. Next step and connect device to Wifi network 
5. Now it will show your Phone is connected with MI account It will immediately ask for your password. Under passwords you can click on "policies" and link it with "GOOGLE". 
6. Now in the search bar, tap and write "Settings". Wait a few seconds for all the results to load and you will find the phone settings (how to enable OEM) 
7. Get "Developer options" ON and open developer options to enable "OEM Unlocking (if not already ON)" and "Android Debugging". 
8. Connect your cellphone to your PC with ADB mode already active, once connected then click "Mi Account Unlock" 
9. Done, if successful it will be like the picture below

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