Hello friends, today I am sharing a tool to unpack the cpb firmware repack .. with this tool you can modify Boot.img, system. img and many more operations you have to perform with this tool. is a free tool available to all users that you don't need to activate or purchase. is a very simple tool that you can use on any Windows operating system with any version. is a big update to come, I'll share it with you at the end of the post .. Please download the tool below ...



  • CPB Extension support all firmware
  • Unpack and create a folder and extract all files
  • Repack and again .CPB firmware extension
  • No Need any other tool
  • Portable tool
  • In new version added new features


1 Firstly unzip your stock .cpb firmware which can be flashed with the YGDP tool
(Here I am taking the example of coolpad dozen 1 (4.4.4) firmware..it can also be used for extracting other OEM's .cpb firmware. I've tested it on coolpad Fancy lollipop firmware it's not working ..correctly)

2 After unpacking open CPB_Unpacker.exe..

3 Copy cpb_unpacker.exe in the same folder of firmware..

4 Copy *******.cpb filename and paste in first input field of cpb_unacker..

5 After that click the bottom left (down) button..you will see the extraction of the system. img, boot.IMG.........etc in the same folder..


1 After you have done changes you wanna repack your firmware..
2 Open CPB_Unpacker.exe..
3 After that click the bottom right (up) button..you will see repacking of the system. img, boot. img......etc into the CPB file in the same folder..
4 That's it..



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