In this post, I have shared with you a Modified Version of the Coo Lee Con tool and added more features. in this tool you have to use a Qualcomm, MTK With Auth Bypass, and EMMC Alson inbuilt. with help of this function, you have to repair any mobile without any premium box/dongle. I have given the download link at the end of the post...

You can make a pattern without losing the feature data according to the picture, understand and please create your own.

and for the interface, you can use a card reader or ufi lite. hopefully useful...


  • Bypass auth mtk pattern,
  • Erase NVRAM nvdata,
  • scatter preloader by support download
  • Test downloads from the server,
  • Extracts config,
  • a place to set auth scatter da,
  • frp userdata nvdata nvram persist partition
  • Fact reset save format
  • mtk Adb fastboot FRP 
  • Erase FRP save pattern qcom format
  • Flash qcom, Meta mode OLD 
  • Meta mode android 10 and below etc.

  • disable mi cloud via ADB,
  • direct emmc (user area only)
  • integration Sysco box



  1. First download tool from below servers link
  2. Extract tool folder on desktop or create a new folder in c drive and pst on it.
  3. Now run the "WindowsApplication6.exe" as an admin mode.
  4. It takes some time to open.
  5. once open you have to browser tool function and check what you want.
  6. Enjoy!!!


Hijrah Tool by Ngapakdev

Credit to Mohamad Ikhwan




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