What is Unlock Bootloader ? 

All Android devices must have a bootloader that functions to direct the OS kernel to boot normally .. Because each Android OS is open source and has different types of hardware, each OEM also has its own version of the bootloader specification for the hardware used. that's why the ROM of every brand of Android device is always different .. 

In fact, almost all Android devices use a locked bootloader system because the average OEM wants their users to keep using the ROM they have designed for the device. With the bootloader locked, flashing a custom ROM, root or installing a custom recovery is almost impossible even though there are some OEMs that invalidate the warranty when their Android device is unlocked by the bootloader. So for your Xiaomi to be able to install a custom recovery, custom ROM to root, then the first step that must be done is to unlock the bootloader or unlock the bootloader. What are the pros and cons of unlocking bootloader ... 

For xiaomi users who are mediocre, it means using a smartphone only to communicate with colleagues, social media, browsing and are quite satisfied with Xiaomi devices with all its features, no need to unlock the bootloader. 

But if you want more, please unlock your Xioami bootloader ..


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