This application has been developed for Xiaomi users.the application continues to improve day by day. With this application, you can do a lot of manual procedures for now, in a short and easy way..the application now supports English, French, Chinese, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian languages...


  • Wifi Connection
  • Root Tools
  • Safe Mode (Safely remove system and bloatware apps)
  • Backup and restore
  • Screen Recorder, Advanced screen recorder
  • APK Installer - You can install APK apps via USB.
  • Multi APK Installer
  • Disabling / Enabling system or user applications
  • Uninstall system or user apps
  • Advanced mode
  • Device management
  • Screenshot Manager
  • Minimal ADB and Fastboot drivers.
  • Custom ROM Downloader
  • Gcam Downloader
  • Reboot Options (Recovery, bootloader, etc.)
  • Loading Rom
  • Support to Install ADB / USB Drivers
  • ADB Console
  • Device configuration information
  • APK Information
  • Call and SMS
  • Language support in English, French, Chinese, German, Hindi, Indonesia, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian.
    Password : RAJAMINUS

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