TWRP tool is designed to install TWRP recovery on the phone xiaomi one click. In this tool, you will get TWRP recovery of all Xiaomi models. This tool works automatically on its own, you do not need to work hard for it. I tested this tool on the model of my Redmi Note 7 Pro. And this tool installed on my phone within just 1 minutes. So let's tell you a little more about this tool.

What is the TWRP Recovery..
TWRP stands for TeamWin Recovery Project. It's an open-source software custom recovery for rooted Android devices. It's helpful to install third-party firmware and backup your current system. It also supports the installation of custom ROMs, kernels, add-on e.g. Gapps and other mods.

Friends are publishing v2 version at the end of long endeavors. We may have minor mistakes, and if you give feedback, we will update these issues. In addition, if you report new model requests by the comment, we will add them.
- To use this tool, your bootloader must be unlocked.

* The tool does all the installation process for you. All you need to do is read the instructions and select your model/version information correctly.
* If you downloaded the TWRP file once, you can skip the download. Please note that your last downloaded TWRP will always remain in memory and you can download that file continuously. You do not need to download it again. But if you are going to upload for a different model, do not forget to make new downloads...

Those who contributed to production;

By.TRabZonLu ™ - the owner of the source file that supported me in making the software also went through the testing phase.
Cantara I would like to thank my Admin for providing all necessary TWRP files.
@ All MIUI to Turkey Management, I thank you for every stage of their test software.
Important Note: The requested action is not allowed in the current job state. The job is read-only. If you receive a download error as the job may have been canceled or completed the transfer, please proceed with this error.
Updated 11.12.19
- Added Android Q and Pie TWRP files for Redmi Note 8 Pro.
Update 08.12.19
- Added English language option.
- Note 6 pro and mix2 models fixed the issue
Update 07.12.19
- V2 version released.
- No need to download files every time. The tool will update itself every time it starts.
Updated 06.12.19
What's New
- Redmi Note 8 Official TWRP added.
- Redmi 5 Plus Orange fox and Official TWRP were added
- detailed ALL TWRP for the Mi8se model.


TWRP is a powerful tool that gives you full control over the insides of your phone without needing to boot into Android. It can be used to flash a custom ROM or use minor app mods, as well as to create and manage backups...

  • What is TWRP IMG?

TeamWin Recovery Project – or TWRP for short – is a fully touch-based custom recovery that was initially developed for Nexus devices, but has since been made available for countless other smartphones and tablets as well, in form of both official and third-party builds...

  • Can I install TWRP without root?

Install TWRP Recovery Without Root. As we all know we can flash or install TWRP recovery on any android phone without pc. But the device must be rooted for that. There are many apps are available which allow you to install twp recovery on any android device with root access...

  • Is TWRP device specific?

TWRP is very device-specific, each build is customized for the intended device. http://twrp.me is the official site for TWRP which has a database searchable by the device. CM13 is pre-rooted, you do not need SuperSU at all...


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