Universal GSM Tool is a very small size tool for windows pc  ,with the help of this tool, we can remove lock blackberry, motorola, nokia, their phones.

 Motorola Code Read and direct remove option Blackberry all type of action possible with this tool Nokia phones DCT4, BB5 Mobile To Code Removed in one click (Also Use With UFS BOX/ And Dongle)


1 - Using the menu go to Settings Menu -> SIM card press select. -

2- While holding the SHIFT key, type MEPD or (MEPPD for Vodafone Handsets)

3- You should now see the five locking categories listed.

4 - While holding the SHIFT KEY, type MEP2 or (MEPP2 for Vodafone handsets)

5 - Release the shift key.

6- You are now prompted to enter the Network MEP code (it will also state how many attempts left)

7 - Enter the code

8- Enter Return/Enter

9 - The device should then be unlockedodel

MODEL : T-mobile BlackBerry Models

1 - On the Home screen, click the Tools icon. The Options screen appears.

2 - In the tools screen, select the Settings icon.

3- Scroll to SIM Card and select it. You should see the phone number and the SIM ID number.

4 - Type 'mepd' to display the first five levels of SIM locking.
T-Mobile uses network locking so the Network should display Active. All other states should display Disabledlease note: For the Blackberry 7100t you will hit the "P" twice when entering the 'mepd' and 'mep2? for steps 4 & 5.

5- Type 'mep2? to display the dialog box asking for the unlock code (Press the Alt + 2 key to get the number 2)

6 - Input the Network Unlock code

7 - Press ENTER and reboot handheld.

This tool developed by darmiles

PASSWORD   : rajaminus.blogspot.com


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