LX Multi tool is not just a rooting software for your mobile device. It is the newest generation of mobile rooting programs. LxMulti tool is a unique tool that works on Windows, Mac and Linux OS. It must be highly appreciated to design such tool compatible with all the leading OS.
LXMulti tool download is undoutly running on multi operation systems without any virtual machine running. But for Linux Lex Multi tool requires installing libQt5Core, libQt5Widgets, libQt5Gui, libQt5Network from package manager. Then you need “ldd LxMultiTool” in terminal in addition to above packages..

1** LX MultiTool 1.3.2 [ Windows X86 ]
2** 1.2.0 [ Windows X86 ]
3** Refresh and delete files or folders from menu
4** Ospen tool folders from the menus (to add your own kernel/stock image/recovery/sideload zip files)
5** Easier keyboard navigation through tab key support
6** Tool-tips for all buttons
7** Update checking

*How to Enable Fastboot or ADB mode*

When only in boot loader mode Fastboot mode is activated. If USB debugging and actual ROM and custom recovery is on then ADB mode will activated. But you need to refresh the device to check in which mode you are in.

*How to Install a Custom ROM Using LX MultiTool*

Download Lx Multi Tool root software.
Then unlock the bootloader.
As your choice flash a custom recovery.
Flash an insecured boot.
Flash the custom ROM.
Extract and run LxMultiTool.exe for Windows or LxMultiTool for Mac and Linux.

*How to Use Return to Stock Feature in LXMulti Tool*

*Download the latest package and extract archive and again extract the archive in the archive till you get angler-mda89d folder.
*Copy the folder to /Data/StockPackages folder.hen enable the bootloader > Start LxMultiTool > Tap Refresh > Tap “Open Folder” > Copy the angler-xxxxxx folder there > Hit F5 key or Right Click + Refresh > you will see a folder like this.

*LX Multi Tool Mobile Root Troubleshooting*

Q:My Device is not detected?
A: You need to install USB drivers manually on Windows. It may be because the drivers are not included in the tool itself. After connecting the PC tap “Refresh Connection” button.
Q: When I trying to unlock the bootloader -> FAILED (remote: OEM unlock is not allowed)?
A: You need to enable Bootloader Unlocking from the developer settings. Follow these steps

1:Enable Developer options
2:Enable USB Debugging
3:Look for the ‘OEM Unlock’ Option and toggle it.

PASSWORD   : rajaminus.blogspot.com

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