NCK DONGLE ANDROID MTK is a tool specially for MTK (Mediatek) devices where you can do network unlocking by reading codes or direct unlock.
You can also repair imei, flash and many more. Usually I use only Boot "MT6571"  do all my operations because I get success just the same. As I said earlier. This is the the best tool for MTK (Mediatek) devices.
 It's really a great tool from Nck Team so I hope many use then make money and support them by buying the actual BOX/DONGLE then enjoy free updates from Nck Team. Please do your best not to share too much in public otherwise your customers will use it to do their own work and that's where you'll make no money.
We'd make protection for individuals to use but this is already cracked by many and given free. Happily they increased their protection after updating from

While testing their new security, we've managed to crack version , (Dongle Versions) and (Box Version), however we will never share these cracks to public (Educational Purpose Only!).


Version will be the first and final release from us.
* Added support for next phones:

** Huawei Ascend G715-U10 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Alcatel OT-9005X - Unlock/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Coolpad 7295c - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Avvio 777 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** AZUMI A55T- Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Bmobile Ax570 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
--Bitel B8409 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
Bitel B8408 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
Blu STUDIO 5.0K - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
BLU STUDIO 5.0 II D532u - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
--BLU LIFE PLAY 2 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Verykool S4006 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Lanix S670 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..-
** Q-Mobile A300 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** Q-Mobile Noir x6 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** ZTE V769M - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
** ZTE Meo Smart A75 - Unlock/IMEI/Flashing/Format/etc..
**Fixed flashing bugs for Huawei Y330, G730.Improved flashing and saving scatter on some models.


PASSWORD   :   rajaminus.blogspot.com

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